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(band name) is the latest (genre) band from the [emerging/vibrant/renowned] scene of (city). Featuring (description of schtick), (band name) has spent the last (imaginary length of time) [rocking/wowing/boring senseless] crowds all across (region) with their [superfluous riffs/shameless self-aggrandizing/mouth-breathing]. (obscure/fictional media outlet) writes: "(band), featuring [tortured soul/domineering anal-retentive/conceited sexual deviant]'s [raw/soulful/obtuse] lyrics highlight the [raucous/self-indulgent/out of tune] riffs of [band nerd/herion addict/nancy boy], while (names of guys in group that no one cares about) lay down the [ample/funky/distracting] grooves." Following the release of their debut album "(name sharpied on four-track demos)", (band name) has [opened for/stalked] several well-known acts including (names of bands no one's heard of). Your (club/church/carnival) should book (band name) before they [are too hot to handle/have their sentencing hearing/disband and start even crappier solo projects].

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The Westside Daredevils  Twilight Children

  1. think tank 
  2. chicks in time machines 
  3. through the nevermores            
  4. aluminum cans  
  5. sea of chrome  
  6. eros
  7. green hills (black holes)
  8. glitterous
  9. you are the universe 
10. gutter lizard 
11. can't help me

12. kings of december

13. new day







The Westside Daredevils  All Things Small Produce a Spark

  1. Andrea 
  2. Darling Currency 
  3. Camera Religion             lyrics page
  4. London Forces  
  5. Miner's Shortwave  
  6. Careful Tom
  7. Strange You Haven't Fled
  8. Mind's Cold Sweat
  9. Heroes and Zeroes 
10. We Miss Him So  
11. She's a Disguise          







"They clearly understand pop music and they present the elements that make us forget to inhale for a moment, like perfect harmony vocals and a million hooks.  Talent.  Everywhere, talent." Cosmik Debris Magazine

"Altogether, this album is a excellent one.  The band displays an excellent grasp of a whole myriad of styles.  If this album's anything to go by, The Westside Daredevils could become a big name on the scene one day"   indieville.com

"Westside Daredevils release gem with `All Things Small Produce a Spark"  the maryville daily times                                                 

"A" rating - the university of tn daily beacon     

"The harmonies are sweet while the songs and melodies are generally smart and catchy like good pop songs are supposed to be." rockzillaworld

"All Things Small Produce a Spark album gains momentum as it plays through, and holds up well under repeated listening"   splendid ezine