Terry Hill solo Volume 1

For more than 3 decades, Knoxvillian Terry Hill earned regional accolades for sustained, innovative exploration as an extraordinary guitarist, song-writer and singer. His music career began as a guitarist with the band Courageous Dong that originated in Knoxville and migrated to New Jersey. Hill then moved to New York....continue here


Terry Hill solo Volume 2 - The Children's Hour

About twenty-five years ago, out of the blue, Terry sent me a cassette tape.  We were both back in town, but I hadn’t seen much of him.  The cassette was minimally labeled:  “The Children’s Hour” was written on the spine, and “8,9 -83” on one of its sides.  Other than some copyright information, the only thing he added was “Played on Brian’s tele & distort-and-echo box.” continue here