the St. James Sessions

Most of these recordings were copied from 78 rpm onto cassette tape.  From there they were transferred into a computer using the Polderbits software program.  Nothing was done to enhance or clean these recordings as they were transferred.  Finally they were converted to MP3's at a setting of 192.  A special thanks to Bradley Reeves for researching and obtaining these recordings and to Todd Eaton for transferring them to digital format.  As well as to the many musicians and people who were there at the time.

Either click on the song links to listen to them or right click and "save target as" to save them.      


The Appalachian Vagabond (aka Hayes Shepard)

Hard to Love
The Peddler and his Wife

 Although Hayes did play on Dock Boggs records during that time period,  Dock Boggs wasn't on these Hayes Shepard recordings done at the St. James

Maynard Baird and his Orchestra
Just for You
Postage Stomp
I Can't Stop Loving You

Louis Bird
It's Funny What Whiskey Will Do
Nothing Hard with Me

Ballard Cross
Wabash Cannonball

Cal Davenport and His Gang
Double Eagle March
Broken Hearted Lover
Blue Ridge Mountains

Gibbs Brothers with Claude Davis
Goodbye Dixie Dear
Do You Think that You Could Love Me
I Love my Tood-Lum Doo
I Wandered Away from Home

Alex Hood and His Railroad Boys
L & N Rag
Corbin Slide

Leola Manning
He Cares for Me
He Fans Me
Arcade Building Moan
Satan is Busy in Knoxville
Laying in the Graveyard
The Blues is all Wrong

Bess Pennington
If You Think I'm not Worthy
Jack and May

Perry County Music Makers
I'm Sad and Blue
Got a Buddy I must See
By the Cottage Door

Ridgel's Fountain Citians
Hallelujah to the Lamb
Be Ready
Free Little Bird
Little Bonnie
Bald Headed End of the Broom
The Nick Nack Song
Baby, Call Your Dog Off
Gittin' Upstairs

Smoky Mountain Ramblers
San Antonio
Back to Old Smoky Mountain

Southern Moonlight Entertainers
My Carolina Girl
Dream Waltz
Are you Happy or Lonesome?
My Blue Ridge Mountain Queen
Lost John
My Cabin Home
Sister Liz
Rockin' Mule
Then I'll Move to Town
How to Make Love

Tennessee Chocolate Drops (Louie Bluey)
Knox County Stomp
Vine Street Rag

The Tennessee Ramblers
Garbage Man Blues
Tennessee Traveler
Ramblers March
Give the Fiddlers a Dram
In My Dear Old Sunny South
Hawaiian Medley

Uncle Jimmy Thompson
Uncle Jimmy's Favorite Fiddling Pieces

Cal West
Cal West's Yodel Blues, Part 1
Cal West's Yodel Blues, Part 2

Wise String Orchestra
Yellow Dog Blues
How Dry I Am

Haskel Wolfenbarger
My Little Girl
Sailing Out on the Ocean

Lowe Stokes, Homer Miller, Walt McKinney, Heavy Martin, Roger Williams, Bill Brown
Descriptive Novelty of the Great Hatfield & McCoy Feud, Parts 1 thru 4