The French

Ocean-sized crowds, jaw-dropping musicianship, and fanatically devoted fans are phrases used to describe the groundbreaking artistry that is the French.

The French, “le Français” in their native tongue, created a style of music referred to by the kids today as “Rock & Roll.” It’s an aggressive anti-social movement typically associated with crime and loose morals. Sadly, it appears it’s here to stay.

Hailing from Faka-Ze-Yu, a small fishing village in France, the band jumped the pond to attend DeVry University in Knoxville, Tennessee on a badminton scholarship. They quickly began attracting attention after earning a reputation for standing at the door of their shows and personally choosing who could enter and who would be turned away. Currently, the band resides on the West End of Claiborne County in an upscale condo with an exposed brick wall and stainless steel appliances.

The French invites you to “listen to their songs below and download their latest album— or don’t…whatevs.”